Why I Take Black Seeds: A Daily Health Habit

Habatu Sauda or Black Seed is something that I have made a habit into taking every day for its impressive health benefits.

For a little bit of background on how this habit came about, it all started when we were living in Khartoum, Sudan. I used to follow my mum to almost everywhere she went (when I'm not in school) especially to the many souks (markets) in the city that she loves. We came across this natural homoeopathic store one day and decided to pay it a visit. The worker was more than helpful to talk us through his products and one of them being the habatu sauda. We were so impressed by its natural goodness and was instantly sold to trying it.

Prophet Muhammad (SWS) once stated that habbatus sauda can heal every disease.

The store was just like any other stores in the market, it was plain and simple, and maybe a bit dusty too from all the sandstorms we had there. When we asked to try the miraculous habatu sauda, we had the option to choose whether we wanted it in the form of seeds or oil.

We opted for both, and they were sold to us in the most uninteresting and boring packaging, without any labels. But we didn't mind, I found them to be pretty cool.

From what I understood with the little Arabic language I knew, we were to take a teaspoon of the oil/ or a few seeds every morning before consuming anything else. But of course, say bismillah and intend for good health.

My mum didn't like the taste of the oil so she stuck with the seeds. I was OK with both and started taking them every day even when I was living in the UK. Every time I head home to Sudan I would bring some back with me to the UK and stock up for the months to come.

I must have forgotten the intake amount at one point because I was taking a whole tablespoon of it on a daily basis. In retrospect, and after some self-educating, this was not the right amount, it was way too much.

I came back to Malaysia one day and spoke to my aunt about it, she said we were only meant to take two to three drops daily. Not a teaspoon, not a tablespoon. But that's the good thing about consuming natural 'medicines', there were little to no side effects if you consume the wrong amount. Although come to think of it, there might be a bit of an effect - habatu sauda can be a bit heaty, but that served me well in the cold winter days in the UK.

I also used to take it with honey but after a while, no honey was OK too. I truly believe in the habatu sauda oil, and it's definitely my first go-to when I feel under the weather. Be it fever, a cough, itchiness (yes I use them topically too), anything really. But just like other natural medicines, consistency and patience are key.

My consumption amount reduced by a lot during my pregnancy because there was very little study about it on the internet. Just to be on the safe side, I only took a few seeds a week, and still taking very little now that I'm breastfeeding - for good measure!

Do you use black seeds? What do you love about it?

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