My Basic Skincare Routine

Most people try to make skincare way too complicated. You don't need twenty products for great skin. In fact, you only really need a few!

Here's my everyday routine which I'll be splitting into AM and PM.


  • St Ives Gentle Smoothing Oatmeal Scrub + Mask: This is my absolute favourite since I started using it last year. I would previously just use body soap to wash my face with, which I was advised against because of its drying effects on the skin. St Ives makes several different facial scrubs with varying exfoliating factors; gentle, moderate and deep. This one comes in gentle which has been great on my skin so far.

  • Sunscreen: You'll never see me skip sunscreen, especially on my face. I have read so many beauty articles claiming that the sun (while I love it) contributes to wrinkles, dark spots, and pigmentations. If you love your skin, you will never skip this step. I use Supergoop for my everyday wear, it is very lightweight and fast-absorbing. It smells pretty amazing too, you don't get that typical science-y sunscreen scent.


  • Makeup remover: This would be coconut oil. I feel that it's really important to remove every bit of makeup and junk on our skin from the day, and it's even more important to me that I use the most natural product (especially when using it daily)

  • Back to the St Ives facial wash that I use in the morning as face cleanse. Sometimes I would wash my face with my baby's Ecostore organic baby soap. It's actually pretty impressive and not drying at all for a gentle everyday wash.

  • Moisturizer: There are two that I love, it will either be my favourite oils (coconut or argan), or my Clinique Overnight Moisture Surge Mask. Just a thin layer of either of them and I'm ready for bedtime!

You can now imagine the small number of beauty products I own. I have never been a fan of too many products for my skin and have always tried to stick to the most natural and organic products. Like any other natural products, it's all consistency if you really want to see a difference. But please keep in mind that we all have different skin sensitivities and what works for me might not work for you. It's always best to test them out beforehand.

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