7 Best Baby Items I Registered For

When it comes to creating a baby registry, I highly recommend Babylist. The registry process is so easy and user-friendly, I love every bit of the web journey. It lets you add any item from any online store, including everything from big brands to small organic stores - be it Mothercare, Next, Harrods, you name it.

What I love most about it is that it allows you to track and compare prices so that your visitors can get the best deal out of your registered items.


Here are some items I can't live without:

  1. Love To Dream Swaddle - this amazing invention allows Jake to be swaddled with his arms up. He didn't use it for very long but when he did, it really helps him sleep well at night. It stops him from jerking in his sleep and keep his hands up near his face where he’s most comfortable.

  2. Comotomo Teether - Jake has only started using this recently and it has been such a huge help. He is currently teething, so the teether definitely helps soothe him. It has got some serious design going on, allowing him to grab gently and the teether ends are just long/short enough as to not choke him.

  3. Skip Hop Diaper Bag - a heaven-sent. I love everything about this bag. It's grey first of all, so it matches almost everything and anything I wear. It's got so many compartments which one I have taken up in replacement of my handbag - so I don't carry so many things!

  4. Infant Carrier by Mothercare - we all find this useful, don't we?

  5. Bright Stars Play Mat - this one is definitely bright and busy and it makes for the perfect tummy time mat for Jake.

  6. Stokke Bath Support - I've been using this since Jake was a few weeks old. It's light, it's practical. I started using it on the sink where I would bathe him and it provides him with so much support, and myself with so much ease to wash him on.

  7. Beaba Bath Tub + Stand - I've only started using the tub when Jake turned four months, he became too big for the sink that we had to make the transfer. This bathtub is so nice to use. It doesn't come together with the stand so you'll need to get them separately. You must get the stand. You wouldn't want to squat down while washing your baby, because personally, I'm not able to do that without hurting my back!

What baby items do you swear by?

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