Baby Development Apps I Love

Some of us might have been disciplined enough with getting all our homework and research done before the baby arrives, but others, like myself…not so much. Things can get a bit tricky when Tim & I try to navigate everything that goes into making sure our babies are well and thriving. We are constantly on Google or calling up my mom for assistance. That's when we started leaning into some helpful baby apps on our phones.

When I was pregnant, I downloaded the Babycentre app to track my pregnancy progress. I love how it’s so user friendly and the articles held information that I have found to be very useful & valuable. I continued using the app until after my baby was born, and today it has somehow transformed itself into a Baby development app. It lets me know Jake's age, average height & weight and sends me relevant articles on his current development.

What I love most about it is that it has a section for moms to come together as a community and discuss any mom related topics they want to discuss. I feel like it helps moms everywhere to relate and lets them know they are not alone.

Another app that I have been using is called theAsianparent (photos above). This one is more targeted to the local community of Malaysian moms. It also helps me track Jake’s progress, lets me know his age/ average size and weight/ head circumference, and it has way more tools compared to Babycentre with almost all the information you may need. Personally, this is my go-to app, I love that it lets me know how many calorie intake my baby should be having in a day, informs me of my baby’s physical/ cognitive/ socio-emotional/ speech & language development according to his age (and they are updated almost every day). They are just so specific and informative, I love it.

And just like Babycentre, it has an online community of its own. You get to ask other moms questions and help them answer theirs - it’s a very helpful tool.

What baby development apps do you use?