Appreciation & Gratitude In A Relationship

Appreciation to me is key in any relationship. It validates our other half, lets them know they matter, and it just shows how much you love them. I can’t think of anything more powerful than showing thanks in an effort to support one another and build each other up.

I have been fortunate enough to have a partner who is constantly loving the things that I do and showing gratitude to all that I have to offer in a relationship. It really does give a positive impact in the way I carry myself every day, as a wife, and as a mom. And that’s just the thing about receiving gratitude, it makes you feel so good about yourself that you want to keep giving, keep loving, and continue supporting. It’s definitely not something to be taken for granted.

Life has a way to challenge us on a daily basis, and waking up with a positive mindset isn’t always easy. But with a little bit of appreciation and gratitude - that starts from home - life can be a little bit warmer.

When you find that your relationship and bond isn’t as it used to be, take a step back and reflect on the energy that you have in your home. Is it warm, is it cold? Sometimes all you need to do is show thanks and the frustrations will immediately disappear.

In my home (which, by the way, Tim is probably going to get a little laugh out of this if and when he reads this post) once in a while, Tim would help with the dishes, and when he does it will come with an announcement that he has completed them. I would smile, maybe laugh a little inside, and show my gratitude. The more I show my appreciation, the more he would be willing to do it the next time, which is really just wonderful.

It really goes to show that there is so much power in kindness and gratitude that it can motivate a person towards positivity. These are true values that I would very much like to impart on my baby.

But appreciation goes far beyond just saying thank you. It’s the little things you do that makes the people around you feel loved. Like paying attention to them when they speak, or giving out compliments, it’s the positive attention and the precious time you give that instils warmth in their hearts.

When was the last time you showed thanks to the people around you?

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