It’s A Lovely Week

The other day the universe gave us the opportunity to watch A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood, on Netflix. The movie was simply incredible, it caught both Tim and I by surprise, and it was just what we needed. There was so much love, empathy, kindness, and presence in one movie.

There were a lot of emotions, and the dialogues were extremely powerful.

[Fred phones Lloyd to arrange an interview]

Fred Rogers: On our program, I try to look through the camera into the eyes of a single child, and speak to him, or her, trying to be fully present to their feelings, and their needs.

Lloyd Vogel: Right.

Fred Rogers: Do you know what the most important thing in the world is to me right now?

Lloyd Vogel: Uh, no.

Fred Rogers: Talking on the telephone to Lloyd Vogel.

I thought about this line every single day since.

Yesterday, I asked Tim what his daily affirmation was, and he said “I am striving to be just like Mr. Rogers”

(I may or may not have teared up a little)

The movie really helped set the tone for the days to come, and it became a reminder that in this world where things can get tough, kindness can always be our guide.

Have you watched the movie?


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