A Children’s Encyclopedia We Can’t Stop Reading

We love getting books for Jake. There is always more and more books that we keep falling in love with every time we head to the book store, and it is just never enough.

One of the many books we noticed Jake really likes is the Birds Encyclopedia, we imagine it is all the bright colours and pictures that he finds to be very attractive.

...or delicious.

Seeing how much Jake likes it, Tim and I have made it a routine to read it to him every day. Sometimes we would even bring the book out with us to lunches to keep him occupied.

What I love most about this book for kids is that the illustrations are of real birds instead of them being 'cartoony'. It really is amazing how there are so many species of birds out there that Tim and I don't even know! Funny fact: I've been referring to macaw's as parrots all this while thinking they were the same thing! We learn something new every day!

What children’s books are you loving these days?

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