30 Easy Ways To Be Extra Kind, To Everyone

They say, there are three things in human life that are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.

It is really about showing that you care about others, and doing things to help make their lives a little better. If there's one thing I have learnt about kindness, is that it is a conscious decision made by us to be kind. Which means that it is in the doing and not in how we feel.

So here are some easy, impactful, and meaningful ways to be extra kind to the people around us - to show that you love and care for them (no matter who they are, friends, family, or even strangers!)

  1. Say please and thank you!

  2. Be honest, always

  3. Help with a household chore

  4. Donate your things, think Konmari

  5. Hold a door open for someone

  6. Give someone a surprise gift, we all love one!

  7. Call someone to let them know you’re thinking of them

  8. Ask your family and friends how they are doing

  9. Share flowers and vegetables from your garden

  10. Offer up your seat on a train or in waiting rooms

  11. Let others through in traffic

  12. Thank other drivers when they let you through

  13. Pay for someone's groceries

  14. Give out genuine compliments, every day

  15. Leave positive comments on social media

  16. Be patient and understanding

  17. Offer to babysit!

  18. Bake and share with neighbours and friends. I say, the sweeter the better!

  19. Buy some muffins or doughnuts for the security guard

  20. Help an elderly carry their groceries

  21. Invite family and friends over for dinner

  22. Share motivational quotes with someone who needs to see it

  23. Forgive and ask for forgiveness

  24. Be the first to say sorry

  25. Put your device away and be present when someone is talking to you

  26. Stick up for someone who is being treated poorly

  27. Talk to a shy person at a social event

  28. Leave tips at restaurants

  29. Acknowledge someone else’s kindness to you

  30. Smile at strangers, and if wearing a mask, smile with your eyes!

How do you show that extra love and kindness to the people around you? ❤️

P.S. You'll Never Regret Being Kind


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