15 Tips For Working At Home With A Baby

Since Jake came into the picture, I knew I needed a flexible schedule that would allow me to work from home and be close to him. Working at home with a baby comes with its own challenges, it isn't as relaxing as many would come to think, even though it does come with a better work-life balance.

Here are some tips I would like to share from my experience of being a work-at-home mom:

  1. Don’t sleep when the baby sleeps. This is your chance to take advantage of the time to do as much work as possible.

  2. Be open and honest with the people you work with. People can be very understanding and supportive if they know that you just had a baby.

  3. Be flexible with your work hours. I’m sure many of you have a work schedule drawn up, but unfortunately, when you have a baby that demands things at unpredictable hours, things don’t always go as planned. Adjust your schedule as needed and be prepared to work odd hours.

  4. Embrace imperfections and don’t stress when things don’t go according to plan. Despite all your planning and scheduling, things don’t always go as you want it to, that’s just how it is when you have a baby in the house. Accepting this fact will allow you to take things as it is and not get easily stressed out.

  5. Set a positive mindset and always look at the bigger picture. Keeping a positive mindset is crucial in keeping your cool so that you can get work done and be close to your baby at the same time.

  6. Set up a comfortable workspace that is baby-friendly. There will be times where you will need to breastfeed your baby while you work.

  7. Hire a baby sitter for a few hours a day to watch over your baby. This allows you to focus on your work and accomplish your goals. It will make a world of difference.

  8. Make time for meals and keep hydrated. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, you will need to eat and drink plenty of water for sufficient energy. With everything else going on around the house, you don’t want your work quality to suffer because you aren’t well-nourished.

  9. Work in pockets of time because with a baby you will need to learn to quickly pause your work when needed and quickly re-engage once you have sorted out your baby’s needs.

  10. Keep a to-do list or a follow-up list for every task that comes up. You might get distracted with your baby and may not remember what you were doing.

  11. Stock up on entertainment and toys for your baby. Even if they can keep themselves entertained for just fifteen minutes, that is fifteen minutes of quality work time.

  12. Work as a team with your partner. Dad can be a backup for when you need to head out for a quick meeting or work on a deadline. Maybe dad can come home earlier on some days to help out.

  13. Encourage independent play while you work nearby. This could also engender independence and confidence in your baby.

  14. Outsource where you can. There’s a service for a virtual personal assistant that you can find online. If you think this can help improve your efficiency and productivity, why not give it a try.

  15. Be patient with your circumstances and allow yourself to regroup and assess things. Remember your goals and set your intentions toward reaching it.

Do you have any tips for working at home with a baby? P.S. Have You Heard Of Kaizen? A One Minute Principle

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